Sage Evolution 200 B2B
& eCommerce website integration

B2B tradestore for
wholesale clients

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Diagram of B2B Workflow Layout

Key Functionality

Multiple pricelists

Sage 200 WooCommerce syncs all your pricelists from Sage 200 Evolution to your B2B trade store and links each customer-account with their specific pricelist.

Restricted products

You may restrict your B2B products to specific customer groups by setting up new customer groupings on Sage 200 WooCommerce or your existing accounting customer groups.

Customer discounts

Discounts from customer masterfile sync through from Sage 200 Evolution and are applied to the pricelist, so user would get “Price X less 10% discount”.


Customers can re-order an existing order they’ve placed from their order history, and edit SKU quantity or remove SKUs as needed.

Orders sync

Orders placed on the B2B trade store sync through to Sage 200 Evolution automatically, and are raised against the customers’ account.

Multi-delivery address

If your customer has more than one delivery address, you can sync them through to Sage 200 WooCommerce B2B trade store from Sage 200 Evolution, or, upload an additional address on their behalf.

Information Synced From Sage 200 Evolution to Sage 200 WooCommerce Trade Store

Sage 200 Evolution to Sage 200 WooCommerce info sync.

  • Product information
    • Product SKU
    • Product title
    • Tax/VAT rates
    • Stock level (On hand less on order)
    • Product pricing (all pricelists)
  • Customer information
    • Account code
    • Customer name
    • Email address
    • Contact number
    • Delivery address
    • Customer masterfile discount %
  • Orders back to Sage Business Cloud contains
    • Customer code
    • Order reference number
    • Delivery address
    • Contact number
    • SKU code line items
    • Quantity
    • Discount per line item
    • Order total
    • Tax total
    • Order comments